"Poetic event" could be described as the presentation of the poetry collections of Vivi Kopsidas-Brettos in Preveza on Friday, 27 April 2018, at 7.30 hour. in the Municipal Art Gallery "Γιάννης Μόραλης". The event was organized by the Municipality of Preveza-Municipal library and Club «About Book » Preveza. The books presented were: Όλα καλά αξιότιμοι κύριοι (eds. Inlay, Athens 2017) and Handshakes of an insignificant day (Bacchic, Athens 2018).

In an atmosphere of calm spirituality and emotion created by both panel participants and those present, the essence and content, the messages and the humanistic dimension of Vivi Kopsidas-Brettus's poetry emerged, as well as the nature and essence of poetic phenomenon, as well as the need of the person to communicate with poetry.

The event was opened by the philologist Eleftheria Aggelis, ent. Municipal Councilor of Culture of the Municipality of Preveza, who presented the honored not with the curriculum of a biographical note but with the emotional charging of a long-lasting relationship and educational co-touring. She stressed, in her substantive and personal speech, the humanistic characteristics of Vivi Kopsidas, as they are implemented in her educational and writing work, and as they are translated into her lyrics. In order to continue with the Consultant, Mrs. Sofia Pasha, with a short but comprehensive biographical walk in her scientific, educational and writing path, selectively presenting extracts from the critique of her poetic work.

Dr. Philosophy Konstantinos Akrivos created, in a dense and intensive speech, a climate of reflection on the phenomenon of poetry, "conversing" with the thought of George Cheimonas and psycho-analyzing the interpretation of the connection of words and meaning production. The philologist, literary critic and poet Anna Afendoulidou, with her unpretentious, substantive literary "reading" of the poetry collection Vivi Kopsidas-Brettus Όλα καλά αξιότιμοι κύριοι, revealed the social tension and the poetic essence of the poems of the collection, its complaining authenticity, the "conversation" with history, as it is shaped in the days we live.

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While Spyros Soumatouris, a physician and scholar, with his own approach, wide-ranging and reader's penetrability, he traced the sense-and intelligent paths, illuminating the meanings and ludicrous paths of the poetry collection of Vivi Kopsidas Handshakes of an insignificant day.

The philologists Violeta Kaldani and Eleftheria Aggelis memorized with the quiet, emotional readings of poems from both poetic collections, what the critic-philological reason can not yield ... And finally the poet herself, with her own particular, poetic and stochastic expressiveness has traced us to the hinterland of her poetry but also to poetry as a phenomenon of human self-identity, to the magical way in which poetry converts simple, shared experience and the "insignificant" daily experience into "translation the "human anxiety and the tragicness of human nature over time, yet opening the paths of an optimistic escape for man.

Nearly three hours with poetry, and reason for poetry. It can not, of course, escape, and art insists on having its secrets and magic filters hammering our mental resilience and the human vision of the best!