Lefkada is situated on the outskirts of the island and with it the areas of Aitoloakarnania, Preveza, Igoumenitsa and Corfu.

The reason is not one of the two major road projects totaling 207europe of the region that will improve transport across the region.

We are talking about the completion of the Amvrakia Motorway and the Lefkada double road link with the above motorway. This combination of roads together with the expected promotion to the Parga-Igoumenitsa section will complete the modernization of the road infrastructure of western Epirus, Aitoloakarnania and their connection to the Ionian Islands.

The first project, according to ypodomes.com, is expected to approve the tender documents for the Akcio-Amvrakia motorway sweep project. This is estimated by ministry officials to be done by the end of Spring and to announce the competition.

The big goal is to have a contractor who will be installed in the project by the end of the year. The object to be undertaken is more or less known. Approximately 7km from the first contract (total 22km) and the rest of the object from 22km to 48km.

Το κόστος εκτιμάται σε περίπου 155εκατ.ευρώ (το ποσό συμπεριλαμβάνει ΦΠΑ) και η ολοκλήρωση του έργου σύμφωνα με τις ίδιες πληροφορίες θα είναι τμηματική, καθώς θα δοθεί προτεραιότητα στα τελευταία 14χλμ με αποκλειστική προθεσμία που είναι πολύ προχωρημένα και θα αποτελέσουν την λεγόμενη «δυτική παράκαμψη Αμφιλοχίας». Προαίρεση με το ποσό των 7εκατ.ευρώ περίπου θα είναι τα περίφημα 400 «ορφανά μέτρα» που θα συνδέσουν την Αμβρακία Οδό με την Ιόνια Οδό στο νότιο άκρο της λίμνης Αμβρακίας.

The second project concerns the construction of the Lefkada road link with Amvrakia Odos through two new road sections costing 52,44ec.Euro. The first one from Vonitsa to Lefkada, about 16 kilometer long and the second from Aktio to Agios Nikolaos, about 5 kilometer long. The project is stuck in the European Commission and an attempt is made to complete the approval process and to be auctioned within 2018.

The two new road sections replace or improve the existing sections. The axis in the first section starts from the area of ​​Vonitsa and continues for 6 kilometers on the existing road to the settlement of Agios Nikolaos, where it is bypassed, following a new route for approximately 3,5 km and then following the existing road leads to area of ​​the castle of Agia Mavra.

The second section starts from the Actium area with a new scattering length of approximately 2 km and then at about 2,3 km along the existing road, which is mostly replaced.
Finally, it continues with a new line until it connects with the branch of Vonitsa - Lefkada, where it is completed.

In addition, earthmoving, road, pavement - asphalt works, construction works, drainage - road drainage, signage - insurance, street lighting, green, etc. are foreseen.

Nikos Karagiannis-ypodomes.com