The monks, the pricks, the fishing boats. Our friends. As drunken bums are rocking in the ass. Arranged in a row, they are ready for battle. Ready to fly, cutting off the ropes. In the winter, he is gay. And in the summer they are looking for the sweet mistrali. With the tusk and the grab 'talk'.

With a group of seagulls. Unmarried friends of fishermen. With an 'erotic' relationship with each other. And this relationship appears in the period when minor repairs and coloring begin.

With the devotion that scratches them from the keel to the water. Using the chimney and the minium to "cure" the wounds. With a song whispering in the mouth. But admirable is the art that dye them.

With the straight line on the water. And calligraphy in name. The 'Faneromeni'. "Glafkos", "Sophia", "Ai Lia", "Eleni", "Agios Nikolas". The monks, the birches, the fishing boats. Our friends.

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