During the last month of the school year, 1o Lefkada High School presents to students of G High School and 1st General Lyceum the operation of its Laboratories.

The pupils of the four sections of the Grade X of the 1 Gymnasio of Lefkada have already completed their visit.

The two EPALs (day and evening) have five engineering laboratories (Constructions, Vehicles, Refrigeration, Heat and Hydraulic and Machine Tools), three Electrical Engineering (Installations, Measurements and Automation), two Computer Science and one Accounting Applications for the proper operation of the respective Specialties.

This year, the creation of a new innovative Robotics Laboratory was completed, with the collaboration of two specialties, the Electrical and Computer Science. Robotics is the technology of the future and will soon be introduced to Education in general as a lesson.

The high level of training and experience of EPAL Teachers, creativity and co-operation make the Lefkada Professional High School a leader in technological activities.

The Mechanical Department of the two EPALs has built a theater stage in the school hall, which will serve not only the artistic activities of the students but also the wider society of Lefkada.

It should be noted that since this year, an increased number of positions (5%) has been instituted in universities through Greek examinations for EPAL graduates, while the awarded Professional Diploma has been upgraded to 4.