The lawyer Gerassimos Panayotatos - Tzakis writes.

Over the past few months, the pressure exerted by Hellenism has been re-energized to accept in Skopje a solution contrary to historical truth, a solution that will openly open up the irredentist aspirations of our neighbors and can be used as a bad precedent for imposing concessions on all our national issues.

As expected, this time, the political, journalistic and academic establishment of Athens, the timeless preachers of enthronthism, fell apart in an attempt to disperse their defeated logic into Greek society, with a sardonic smile that the economic impoverishment of memoranda and fatigue from the pending issue, would lead the people to indifference or easy submission. "Why should we resist when over a hundred countries have already recognized Skopje as Macedonia?" Is the best known of the arguments used by these parrots to pass on the feeling of vanity to the citizens. We are therefore reversing the question: "What is the reason why the international and European rebellion is exacerbating Greece to recognize the state with a name that contains the term Macedonia or its derivative, since so many countries have recognized it?".

The reality is that this is because the possible recognition by Greece as the most directly concerned country is the one that counts more than all other recognitions together. Strong international actors want to force the victim to attempt to assassinate his story, sign and approve usurpation. This, in fact, also seeks the Cypriot: it is not enough for 44 to turn a blind eye to Turkey and to tolerate the effects of the Turkish invasion and occupation, but they blackmail Cypriot Hellenism to sign its own signature of deification and legalization the attacker and keeper, accepting an Annan-type plan.

The second argument of the parrots is that in Skopje there is now a supposedly moderate government. So we ask: Has the irredentism of Constitution, other legislation, school books, maps and other public documents of Skopje been lifted? Has the spectacle of kitsch constructions of pseudo-history and pseudo-state of the state and the fictitious names of public buildings and spaces? Has the Skopje side changed regularly? It's not long ago that Foreign Minister Dimitrov said, "Are we Macedonians, are we and will be and we are not changing anything"?

The beginning of the recent negotiation was not that the Skopian negotiator Naumovski attacked Nimetz and said they do not accept any names that are not really Macedonia because it is offensive to them? A few days ago is not Nimetz himself calling them Macedonians and asserting that all his proposals will adopt the basic position of the other side and aim to strengthen Macedonian identity and nationality? It is a parody of negotiation, a scene of mockery where the supposed arbitrator confesses solemnly that his exclusive concern is partiality in favor of one side.

A possible retreat of Greece and acceptance of a name for Skopje with Macedonia or its derivative will legitimize the endeavor of usurpation of our history will be used in the future as a formula for pressure to Greece to retreat to the other national issues and will open the road to Macedonia's accession to the EU and NATO. When they are consolidated, Skopje will come back undisturbed and strengthened in their irredentist rhetoric and enter the path of aggression towards our homeland, in the footsteps of the behavior of other neighboring countries.
For those who doubt this, I recall that a few months ago, the Skopje government pushed dogs on the border to hunt refugees and threw blaze flares in Greek territory. Not only did it not suffer the slightest penalty from the international and European community, but on the contrary, all the above factors reward and push it with all means for the country to enter the EU. and NATO. How is it possible for Greece to retreat by giving so many tangible things to buy air and hallucinations? After Skopje will have taken everything, then they will not adhere to anything agreed. And Greece will then be protesting with international démarches but it will be late, you will not hear it ...

Our homeland must not accept the term Macedonia or its derivative in the name of Skopje. If this leads to no solution to the problem in the current period, there is no problem for Greece. From a bad solution that will undoubtedly save our country, it is preferable to not resolve, leaving the field open to achieving a fair solution with better correlations in the future.

Greek citizens know this, so there is a proud reaction against the blackmail that exists in our country. It is up to our people to come to the fore with even greater determination and dynamism. Strengthen its pressures on the entire political system. To prevent a national retreat that, if there is, will create in the perpetuity many risks to our country.