Written by Ilias Georgakis.

The "New Choir" of Lefkada at the Athens Concert Hall performed the best appearance among the four choirs of the Ionian Islands.

The room 'Chr. Lambrakis has a magical musical journey from the Ionian with wonderful kandas, mandolinos and magic voices.

The Lefkadian Choir - under the direction of Maria Kyriaki Aravani - was applauded and left the best impressions. I have a special honor singing my three songs.

Historical event for our island. Lefkada is high in culture.

The artistic program of the New Chorus of Lefkada was the following:


Poetry: Spyros Philipas, Music: Dionysis Grapsas


Poetry: Vassilis Sideris, Music: Dionysis Grapsas


Poetry: Aristotle Valaoritis, Music: Dionysis Grapsas


Poetry: Ilias Georgakis, Music: Dionysis Grapsas


Poetry: Ilias Georgakis, Music: Manos Diamantis


Poetry: Nikos Vlachos, Music: Dionysis Grapsas


Poetry: Ilias Georgakis, Music: Dionysis Georgakis

MAESTROS: Maria-Kyriaki Aravani

PIANISTAS: Dionysis Sklavenitis

The event was part of the popular series BIRDS the artistic programming of which has the eminent Professor of the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University Dimitris Maragopoulos.

Lefkimmi Choir (Corfu), Lefkada New Choir, Livathos Choir (Kefalonia), Zakynthos Choir "Levante's Fires".

They all took part over 170 choirs, mandolin, guitars and winds.

The "New Choir of Lefkada" was founded in 1964 to preserve the music of the Ionian tradition and to contribute to the development and upgrading of the intellectual, artistic and cultural level of Lefkada. From 1964 to 1988 only works as a male choir and later as a mixed chorus. Today he counts about the 45 choirs. There is also a section of mandolin. In the past, the choir directors have been important Greek musicians such as Ionian Panayi Barbati and others. The choir director from 2014 until today is the conductor Maria-Kyriaki Aravani.

1978 is recommended and the beginning of the 1980 is the basis for the subsequent operation of the children's and teenage dancing. Both the choir and the dance section have participated in many international festivals and have made a significant number of outstanding appearances in Greece and abroad (Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Italy, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, etc.).

The New Choir of Lefkada performs and revives every August the traditional Barcarola custom with the melodic melodies and canteens from 1983 and organizes with great success the Pan-Hellenic Choral Festival, aiming at the promotion of the choral song, the exchange of experiences and choral listening as well as the development friendships between the participating choirs.

He is a member of the Hellenic Choir Association and of the International Folk Art Organization - UNESCO and has participated in special programs for Greek, Italian and French TV