The Ionian Islands are singing at the Athens Concert Hall

"The Eptanisa always sing": The magic of Ionian music by the Ionian chorus, at the Athens Concert Hall for a unique presentation.

Over 170 choirs, mandolin, guitars and winds bring to the Palace the aura of the authentic musical culture of the Ionian Islands, a culture that bridges Greece and the West. Canyons, Aries and Aerekas from a tradition without any museum character that is kept alive, integrated into the everyday life of the inhabitants - along with the famous philharmonic - a tradition taught and transmitted live from generation to generation. A melodious trip to the Ionian tradition with the Choir of Lefkimmi (Corfu), the Lefkada New Choir, the Leavathos Chorus (Kefalonia) and the Zante Choir "Levante's Fountain" on Saturday 13 January at 8: 30 in the evening at Christos Lambrakis Hall . The concert is part of the successful series "ARCHIVES" (artistic planning and editing by Dimitris Maragopoulos) and is organized with the support of the Ionian Islands Region.

The program includes, among other things, favorite songs in the lyrics of our great poets, such as Dionysios Solomos and Aristotle Valaoritis, and top representatives of our National Music School, such as Dionysios Lavragas and Nikolaos Mantzaros.

The Choir of Lefkimmi in Corfu is headed by Spyros Smoilis, the Lefkada New Choir, Maria-Kyriaki Aravani, the Zakynthos Mixed Choir "Levante's Fiere", Dionysios Mallias, and the Choir - Mandolina of Livathos Kefalonia, Vassilis Kalogloras.

Take part

Choir of Lefkimmi, Corfu

Address │ Spyros Smoilis

New Choir of Lefkada

Address │ Maria-Kyriaki Aravani

Mixed Choir of Zakynthos "Levante's Fiere"

Address │ Dionysios Mallias

Choir - Mandolina of Livathos Kefalonia

Address │ Vassilis Kalogloras

Saturday 13 January 2018, 20: 30

Hristos Lambrakis Hall

With the support of the Ionian Islands Region

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