Written by Ilias P. Georgakis.

All of us, the brasses that grew up in the city and we ran barefoot in the narrow streets, we were fishing in the baroque with the barbed wire from Vardania`s, we who tasted the smell of the mutele, the Agioamerican madness, all of us who share what we did not always we found shelter in the main square of Lefkada. There was the end of everyday adventure. Because the day is an adventure with this timepiece.

This mythical square with the pentofan and the church of Ai Spyridon, we touched our dreams. We planned, built, met, we were discussing. Here was the legendary café of Poulos with Mrs. Mantho, where the spiritual mattress of the era, the prominent of Professor Anastassios Manoudes, was filled. Here was Malphe's restaurant, which left the season, and Lambros's pastry shop with the donuts.

The square was the reason. It was a reason for us to escape from the unruly daily routine of the province. It was the fleece, the apex, the pimples, the palales. It was the canads and the Christmas tree.
And always when I come to Lefkada, this square is where I am attracted, enchanted, moved by me.

Why, in this square, we played, singed, celebrated, fell in love, we cried.

We were crucified to the epitaphs, we 'rewashed' the earthquakes, we listened to the pre-election speeches.

We talked.

This place has been sheltered for centuries.

And believe me is a different square. Because it will always be 'full' in our heart ...