The Cultural Center of the Municipality of Lefkada in cooperation with the Embassy of Israel in Greece presents a multidimensional thematic tribute to Israeli cinema with four (4) award-winning films by contemporary creators.

On "Antique Fideman" (Friday 19 / 1) Yakov Fiedelman discovers that the store with antiques and repairs of old objects he has is facing serious financial problems. He is forced to reconnect with his son, who proposes to give the store for consideration. But a new apprentice has a hope-raising idea.

On our "All Dissolve" (Sunday 21 / 1) the parents of the teenager Asaf drive him out of the house when they find out he likes to wear women's clothes. Four years later, his mother hires a detective to find her son and tell him that his father is dying of cancer. In the hospital, dying father visits Anna, a mysterious nurse.

On our "Two in the Night" (Friday 26 / 1) a man and a woman are looking for the impossible: a parking space. The story of two people in a bar, wanting to spend the night together, must first park.

On our «Arabani» (Sunday 28 / 1) Joseph is a Drouzos who returns to the village from where he originated after 17 years. He comes with his son and daughter, from whose Jewish mother she has just separated, and plans to settle permanently. This decision creates friction with the closed, conservative Drouzo society and with his mother. Despite the problems and difficulties, Shamdar, the daughter of Joseph, finds unexpectedly love.

Views start at 20.30 and entry is free.

With the support of the Embassy of Israel.