The site for Social Dividing started

The weekly information from Equal Society:

Starting the site, where applications for payment of dividends will be submitted, the Finance Ministry announced. The site will be in service from Sunday 26 November until midnight (00.00) on Tuesday, December 12.

If you are above 70 and receive a pension or the benefit of OGA unrecognized elderly, there is no need to apply. If you meet the criteria for paying the Social Dividend, the Social Dividend will be paid to you automatically in the account in which you receive the pension or the benefit of uninsured elderly. This applies only to households that are made up of only one person or a couple and does not apply when other members of the household are present.

The process in 6 steps.

Step 1: Step into the platform

Step 2: Check your items

Step 3: Fill in your IBAN

Step 4: Tell your guests to give their consent

Step 5: See if you meet the eligibility criteria

Step 6: Accept the 2017 Social Dividend.