The book "A Dilemma" by Anton Chekhov will be discussed at the next meeting of the Reading Club of the Lefkada Association of Lecturers


We would like to inform you that the book we chose to present at the forthcoming meeting of the Reading and Reflection Club of the Lefkada Association of Lecturers is the extraordinary novel by Anton Chekhov, "A Dangerous History" (Erato, Athens 2009). Both teachers and each of us will have to ask about many, important but also small, of his life and thinking-his philosophy about his life.

Η ακριβής ημερομηνία και ο χώρος της συνάντησης θα ανακοινωθούν προσεχώς.

Πριν την ανάγνωση

When the "Unsteady History" first appeared from everywhere, enthusiastic praise was heard about this Chekhov novel, people from different perspectives as well as different literary circles and camps. Some even suggested that it is the writer's best work so far, and others that the novel brings a deep impression on the reader and that it is something completely new. Anyway, what is certain is that "Unpublished History" is an excellent work, one of the most representative of the great Russian writer, in which the reader meets all the writing and theatrical techniques and the deeper world of Anton Chekhov.

And it is definitely the best introduction to Chekhov's works, since here we meet all the theatrical and narrative techniques of the great dramaturg. Nikolai Stapanovic, a successful professor at the university, has a completely failed family and personal life. The indifference to true life, the absence of meaning in his everyday life leads him to an early death. Shortly before he dies he thinks about the meaning of life. The Meaning that has always existed beside him, but never realized his life-giving power. (FROM THE REFLECTION OF THE BOOK).


Δρ. Παρασκευή Κοψιδά-Βρεττού Κατερίνα Ροντογιάννη