Photos Xenophon Mikronis of voluntary cleaning of 2 April the provincial network Karia - Lefkada and statements by representatives of institutions and associations for their participation

Deputy Mayor Mr. Filippos Kourtis "It was an avant-garde for the data of Lefkas and maybe Greece to merge too many clubs and voluntary associations to clean 14 km of the central Karyas-Lefkada motorway. I congratulate the associations that participated in this multi-dimensional action on behalf of the Municipality. Environmentally, socially, since we have involved too many associations and citizens from different villages, we have enjoyed it, despite the fatigue and the sun. There is also an educational dimension, since I am also a teacher, because there were too many children, elementary, high school and high school, who saw firsthand what environmental protection and sensitization means. It will be tomorrow's citizens who will put our glasses on us. Thank you very much for the participation of all these volunteer groups and I wish volunteering to become a way of life for everyone».

Chairman PC Spanochori Mr. George Chalikias "We made a voluntary street cleaning Karia - Lefkada and the participation of the world was too big and too thank the people who took part. We are very happy with the result. We are well again do such actions».

Πρόεδρος Τ.Κ. Πηγαδισάνων κ. Σπύρος Σάντας: «The joint effort always works wonders. But must have and then».

Διευθυντής Γυμνασίου Καρυάς κ. Σωτήρης Αργυρού: «It was a very good effort. We worked hard all. The point is to learn as citizens not to throw away trash, change the mentality of the world that is pure countryside and the environment in general»

Representative Sfakiotes Cultural Association "The Light" Mr. Chris Skiadaressis "Ξεπεράσαμε και τις πιο αισιόδοξες προβλέψεις. Πήγαμε πάρα πολύ καλά. Το αποτέλεσμα μας ικανοποίησε απόλυτα»

Vice Preveza Mountaineering Association Mr. Stefanos Katiforis'The Mountaineering Club of Preveza does not only climb the peaks and not only opens walking trails. It participates in actions such as this Pan-Hellenic action and we like the slogan "Become the change you expect" since one has to make the beginning. We are happy about our club's involvement in this action, because we have cleaned a road that has been purged for years. Could our club have more members here today, but it coincided with the planned dash. I am very pleased with the participation of the world. "It was unprecedented to involve the world from all the villages".

Εκπρόσωπος Πολιτιστικού Συλλόγου Εγκλουβής κ. Σπύρος Περδικάρης: «It was a gesture of goodwill and hope to continue in the future. We participate voluntarily helping and exemplified by our actions».

President Cultural Association Platystomo "The Red Church" Irene Vonitsanou "Let us congratulate all the participants on this great undertaking that has taken place today. When the action was announced I thought maybe we could not. Today's action clearly shows that when we are united, we can set high goals and implement them. I hope the young children who are involved today are aware citizens in terms of raising awareness of the protection of the environment and their place. And this is the message of today's day. We hope that the unacceptable image of the road to date has become a thing of the past. Let us all become more conscientious citizens, let us love our place and let us preserve it as one of the top tourist destinations».

President of the Cultural Association of Pigadisanos "The Progress" Mr. Christos Santas: "Ήταν ό,τι καλύτερο θα μπορούσε να συμβεί στην Ορεινή Λευκάδα, Ας αποτελέσουμε παράδειγμα προς μίμηση για όλο τον κόσμο».

President Mousikofilologikou Group Karya "Apollo" Mr. Costas Merel "Today was a very important day for Mountainous Lefkada. It is very pleasing that involved all villages. It became very meaningful work and a purified all the way to a greater extent than expected. I wish to continue together united for our country»

Pan-spokesman Sfakiotes Mr. Theodore Vlachos "It was a very good initiative to clean the road and we are very happy that we participated in this action».

The former Mayor Ms. Karia Sevasti Konstantinidi - Rekatsina "Ήταν η ωραιότερη κούραση της ζωής μου. Η δράση απέδειξε ότι ο κοινός μας στόχος ήταν η καλύτερη επιλογή για σήμερα, για εθελοντική προσφορά και ιδανικότερη για Κυριακάτικη δημιουργική απασχόληση».