Lefkada Chamber: Reintegration in regulating 100 doses

Chamber of Lefkada

The Lefkada Chamber after repeated telephone contacts with the Ministry of Finance and after the intersection of this information from the office of Lefkada MP carries any prejudice to its members and any interested that reintegration has decided to regulate 100 dose for those who invoke serious problem and after the consent of the Head of the relevant tax office

For this reason, and since no relevant document has been officially received at the offices of the 30 / 6 meeting between the President of the Lefkada Chamber, Mr. Skiadaressis and the Director of the Tax Office of Lefkada, informed him that the decision had not been sent to the Tax Office in writing, and so far they can not take any action. For this reason, the organization will follow the matter in co-operation with the MP's office and as soon as any official-written information is forthcoming, it will proceed to a subsequent announcement.

For the Administrative Committee
Ο Πρόεδρος
Sotiris Skiadaressis