New Cultural Heritage enhancement project in the Municipality of Aktio - Vonitsa

The municipality Aktio-Vonitsa signed a contract with GLOBO Technologies for the project "Promotion of the cultural heritage and the new action Kallikratis municipality Aktio - Vonitsa". The project was awarded to GLOBO Technologies after carrying out open competition and is expected to be completed within 6 months.

More specifically, the GLOBO Technologies undertook the digitization and documentation of material, supply of key equipment, to provide education and training services and the provision of support services during the pilot operation of the project.

Through this project the Municipality will be given the opportunity to promote the cultural elements of its area by using new technologies, which will create new services for the citizens. Citizens will be able to access cultural material, receive information through their mobile device about the cultural area in which they are located, search for places or events of cultural interest through a digital map, and receive information on how to migrate to them. The benefits are multiple for both the academic and the student community, due to the accessibility to the rich cultural reserve of the Municipality, but also to various cultural institutions, whose role and contribution to the enhancement and promotion of the cultural heritage is upgraded.